• Mental and physical performance
  • Supports a ketogenic diet
  • Rapid natural energy
  • Helps provide fuel for the brain


Coconut derived medium chain triglycerides are easily absorbed and converted in the liver to ketones which help fuel the brain and body for mental and physical performance. Ketones allow the body to produce energy from good fats rather than from sugar and carbohydrates. Melrose MCT Going Faster contains higher amouonts of caprylic acid (C8) which converts more efficiently into ketone energy and is used by the brain and body faster than other fats. It also contains C6, which is the fastest absorbing fatty acid. Melrose MCTs are derived from organic coconut oil in the Philippines and comes from sustainable farms.

Who Is It Good For?

If you're running sprints or hitting up a HIIT workout, then Melrose's MCT Going Faster is perfect for you due to the high amounts of C8. C8 converts more quickly into ketone energy, to get you going faster.

Directions For Use

Start with 1 teaspoon. After one week, slowly increase your dose to 1 to 2 tablespoons.
It can be taken straight, added to hot drinks, smoothies or salad dressings.

This product is suitable for Vegans, is GM Free, Gluten Free, and Soy Free.

Melrose MCT