Mars Protein Bar

* Less calories than a Mars Bar

* High Protein 

* Mixed Protein Sources

* Simply Delicious!


The Mars Protein Bar delivers all of the flavour of the standard Mars Bar, yet with an added kick of protein. The protein included in this bar is from a mixture of sources, including Hydrolysed Collagen, Soya Protein, Casein and Whey protein, making it the ultimate blend of sustained release protein sources. This blend of protein helps to maintain blood amino acid levels over a longer period of time than would a fast absorbing protein, such as whey protein isolate. And at only 200 calories, coming from a mixture of protein and carbohydrates and a small amount of fats, who could resist the Mars Protein Bar?


Snickers Protein Bar

* All of the Snickers flavour!

* High Protein

* Less Calories than a Snickers Bar

* Simply Delicious


Snickers Protein Bar is the perfect balance of protein and flavour! These are tasty little treats that can be used as a snack or can also be consumed after exercise, when your muscles are ready for a glycemic load and an amino acid hit. After all, carbohydrates and proteins make the perfect post-workout recovery formula. And the Snickers Protein Bar delivers jut over 18 grams of carbohydrates and 18 grams of protein from a mixture of sources, including hydrolysed collagen, casein and whey protein. This means, due to the mixture of protein sources and the inclusion of casein, that your blood amino acids will be sustained over a longer period of time, than would a fast release protein, such as whey protein isolate. 

Mars / Snickers Protein Bar