This whey protein isolate (WPI) based protein from Body Ripped is enhanced with hydrolysed WPI, aminos, and muscle building agmatine. If you’re putting in the hard work inside the gym then you should be getting maximum returns via a well-chosen protein. You need a protein solution that helps you stay lean, but gives your muscles the best quality proteins.


Key Benefits

  • Premium WPI base
  • WPI and amino reinforced
  • Muscle building agmatine
  • Ultra high 85-87 percent protein level
  • BCAAs and glutamine for optimal recovery
  • Very low in fat
  • Vitamins and minerals

It is a quality lean muscle builder with rapidly releasing proteins reinforced with vital aminos, It also contains vasodilating, nitric oxide (NO) boosting agents. With a low-carb formula you can trust that the mas you’re putting on is quality lean muscle tissue.

Evolution WPI